Spiral Garden

The new year's programme is uploaded here late December/January. If you would like to receive a printed programme, please consider becoming a paid member of Sophia.

To help you find your way around our programme:

Calendar of Events outlines the Sophia Programme. For some of these you need to enrol and pay in advance.

Regular Activities lists the activities which are payable by session, some are weekly, others monthly or bi-monthly.

Latest Updates details events that are offered during the year that may not be in the annual programme and any changes that are made, as well as any important news.


For more information, phone 8373 3781 or email


Sophia's Facilitators:

Here are the profiles of some of the facilitators who offer or have offered activities at Sophia.


Tina Gibson

Tina Gibson and Barb Hancock are experienced Mindfulness teachers who facilitate Mindfulness groups within the community. They are passionate about bringing the practices of Mindfulness and Compassion into our pressured world.

Maureen O'Connell

Maureen has been a teacher for over 40 years - many of those years working with young people with special rights and needs. She would love these young people to enjoy being part of the Sophia community, together with their family and friends.

Fiona Johnston

Fiona is a poet, writer and editor and enjoys living in the city only a quick walk from the Central Market. She lives with her husband, Peter and has two adult daughters and two grandsons.

Jenny Wightman
Jenny Wightman has been involved in Sophia since it began, and she tries to further its important aims in whatever ways she can. Mainly this has been through women's writing, feminist ecology and spirituality, and the native garden.


Annette Jarrett
After a teaching career that spanned 46 years Annette has recently retired and is delighting in new adventures. As a teacher she was inspired by the words of Therese Sweeney OP, “without imagination, the world becomes a desert”, thus she worked to invite students and teachers into worlds of beauty, imagination and justice. For Annette, the art of teaching is the art of rigorous interpretation.
Within the Sophia community her lively interests include facilitating inter-faith dialogue, exploring the writings of the medieval and contemporary mystics; women in scripture and Dominican Spirituality (Annette has an M. Ed. and is currently completing a course in Spiritual Direction and a Masters in Theology).